Routes - 12 week internship programme

BRIDGE web 01 sqRoutes is a local project offering free, personal support for anyone needing some help on their journey into employment.

At The Bridge, we offer a Routes internship programme for adults of all ages. Taking part in Routes is all about building your confidence, getting up-to-date skills and making real progress towards better work opportunities.

Internships at The Bridge

Each internship lasts 12 weeks, bringing together temporary work placements with on-the-job training to give you a range of work related skills and valuable practical experience of being in a workplace.

You will work alongside our friendly, experienced staff and focus on developing your customer service skills, as well as learning how to use a variety of IT packages. How does Routes work for you?

Your dedicated Routes adviser will be available to help you every step of the way, and after your internship you will:

  • come away with a set of skills recognised by any employer
  • have had a chance to grow your confidence in dealing with the public and working alongside other people
  • have identified the personal strengths and skills that will make you more employabl.

We also provide interview practice and support with submitting job applications, to give you the best possible chance of finding paid work.

What to do next...

Get in touch today to arrange a chat over a cuppa and find out what Routes can do for you?

Ask at reception or call our Routes adviser on 01273 687053

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Routes is a collaborative, multi-partner project led by Community Works, to help people on their journey into employment – providing intensive internship placements, local learning opportunities and employability focussed information and advice.

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