Beatrice Haverich

What do you do?
I am an internationally published fine art photographer with strong links to the Brighton photography community. I have been teaching for 5 years at City College. I hold a Certificate in Education as well as a MA in Design.

I teach 3 levels of photography to 16+/adult learners, courses that I have written and designed myself. I have also taught 16-19 year olds on the subsidiary diploma in photography course and currently I am running photography enrichment classes at Roedean from year 7 to year 13.

How do you do it?
I like to develop my student’s technical abilities, to allow them to become more creative in their photography. The classes will have a mix of some theory followed by a lot of practical work. I introduce students to a variety of photographers to inspire and develop their own visual voice. I also encourage a connection with their local photographic community. (Exhibitions, photo talks etc.)

What are your areas of specialism? 
Technical know how, photo project development. Studio photography and digital editing.

Who have you worked with?
Mixed ability adult learners, Teenagers 16-19 year olds and 11 to 16 year olds. BTEC assessment courses and leisure courses.

Why I love what I do ....
After years of being a commercial, then fine art photographer I fulfilled the circle of my career by becoming a teacher passing on my knowledge. I like to inspire my students, make them confident with their cameras, thus enriching their life with photography.